Getting Start

The 0.4.10 release of cozhihu is the second release version of the cozhihu project. Mainly fix previous version bugs and optimize the user experience.

Below is an in-depth review of what is new in cozhihu, as well as some of the major changes that have been made.

version 0.4.10

The version 0.4.10, containing the following feature:

  • Fix page skin loading delay causes blinking

version 0.3.9

The version 0.3.9 is the first release, containing the following feature:

  • Dynamic preview the color style.
  • A series of skin for you to choose including night mode.
  • Magic browser action icon, website link for geek user.
  • Text shadow for the site (optional)

Build system

  • crxautoreload: chrome extension development runtime auto reload
  • gulp-css2jsmap: convert css collection files to javascript map object
  • gulp-multifile: generate collection files from json files and template file