Cozhihu has an active community that enjoys helping each other out.

Having trouble getting Cozhihu working on your website? Is it not working together with another plugin, even though you think it should? Cozhihu has a few communities that you can go to for help getting it all working together.

  1. Try sending a message to the Cozhihu discussion group or searching the archives.
  2. Ask in the #cozhihu channel on or use the web irc client.
  3. Raise a question on zhibu, make sure to include the cozhihu, 多彩知乎 tag and invite me to answer the question.

Found a problem with Cozhihu? Feel free to open a ticket on the Cozhihu repository on GitHub, but you should keep a few things in mind:

  1. Use the GitHub issue search to check if your issue has already been reported.
  2. Try to isolate your problem as much as possible, so we can easily test if the issue has been fixed.
  3. Once you are sure the issue is with Cozhihu, and not a third party library, submit a ticket to the repository.

You can find more information on reporting bugs in the contributing guide, including tips on what information to include.

New feature requests are usually requested by the Cozhihu community on GitHub, and are often fulfilled by fellow contributors.

  1. Use the GitHub issue search to check if your feature has already been requested.
  2. Check if it hasn't already been implemented as a third party plugin.
  3. Please make sure you are only requesting a single feature, and not a collection of smaller features.

You can find more information on requesting new features in the contributing guide.